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The Sexiest Miami Strippers

Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers – Only the Finest Exotic Entertainment

As you search for “strippers Miami,” you will come across a million results in Google. All you need to know is that Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers trumps all of the rest. Miami’s favorite exotic entertainment agency, Devil’s Angels, has been serving the beautiful city for as long as anyone can remember. Devil’s Angels provides its clients with the highest quality in exotic entertainment in a fun environment for everyone. We know that there are a plethora of options in Miami, FL. However, our repeat customers are evidence of the differentiating quality between Devil’s Angels and the rest. So whether you are getting divorced or getting married, hire a Devil’s Angels Miami Stripper today to heat things up. We believe that life is too short and one can never have too many sexy strippers by his side. Our agents are standing by and ready to take you through the checkout process. Meanwhile, our sexy exotic dancers are ready to take it all off for you. Contact us today to learn more.

Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers vs. the Rest

There are so many exotic entertainment agencies in Miami that one can only wonder, which one to choose? Do not worry because Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers has you covered. Our exotic dancers stand out above the rest. While other companies will catfish their customers using random photos found online, we are clear and transparent. We let our customers know that some of our girls are working full-time jobs or are going to school. As a result, many of them do not want their photos displayed online. We end up only selecting the very best to work for our team which is what differentiates us from the rest.

We are here for the long run so we only want to establish good relationships with our clients. Our prices may be a little bit higher but that is what the market dictates. As a business, we have to adjust our prices based on what the market is telling us. If the demand for female strippers in Miami is high while the supply is low, then we have to raise our prices. However, we are very clear and transparent with our customers about what the prices are. Prices start at $275 for one girl for one hour depending on how far you are from the Miami metropolitan area.

Hiring a Stripper

Hiring a stripper is quite easy. All you have to do is click Reserve Now at the top of the page and it will take you to the checkout form. You need to place a $125 deposit online for each stripper you want. Then there is $150 cash due upon arrival to the dancer themselves. The total is $275 per dancer, not including tips. Tipping is not mandatory but it is encouraged if you did enjoy your time with the exotic dancers. Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure of the price. If your party is 10-25 miles away from the Miami metropolitan area, then there is an additional $25 charge. If it is greater than 25 miles then there is a $50 charge.

The Stripper Booking Process

We try to make the stripper booking process as seamless as possible. Once you have filled out the checkout form and submitted your payment, then all you have to do is sit back and wait. The booking agent will review your information and then forward the details to the dancer. If there are questions at any time, somebody from the agency will reach out to you. Therefore, please make sure you provide the correct phone number. It is also helpful to provide a back-up number. Once the strippers receive your information, they will contact you on the day of your party.

If there are special costume or music requests, you can include that under the preferences section. When the strippers contact you on the day of your party, they will finalize all the details. You can always let them know how you want them to surprise the lucky bachelor or birthday boy or that special someone. If you are having a last-minute party then you will probably not have the option to choose a costume. We receive many last-minute requests for exotic dancers and we always try to accommodate everyone. However, at the end of the day, there is only so much we can do and we have to set realistic expectations. Therefore, we need at least an hour to get the stripper to you.

The Advantage of Choosing Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers

When you choose Devil’s Angels, you know you have made the right choice. Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers is the premier source for exotic entertainment in the Miami area. Feel free to call around and speak with the other exotic entertainment agencies. We have found that many people end up returning back to us because of our trust and integrity. We hold ourselves to a very high standard to make sure we are transparent with our customers. Also, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Our booking agents will take the time and effort to guide you through the entire process. We will help you choose the best stripper to fit your party and make sure everything goes on without a hitch. Feel free to check out our Services page to learn more about what the strippers can do.

The Competition

We rarely work with other stripper agencies simply because we know we are the best. Our repeat customers are evidence that our customers are satisfied and happy with the entertainment they receive. If you are looking to speak with other agencies, go with your gut feeling. Make sure you ask lots of questions and make sure the person at the other end of the line has your best interest at heart. Many other companies are just out to make a quick dollar and will send a crack addict off the street as a stripper. We take pride in what we do and the girls that work for us. Therefore, we are never really worried about the competition.

Stripper Rates

It starts at $275 for one stripper for one hour depending on how far you are from the Miami metropolitan area. There is a $125 deposit paid online by credit card and the balance, $150, is paid in cash to the dancer upon her arrival. If your party is 10-25 miles outside of the metropolitan area then it is $300 for one girl. If your party is greater than 25 miles then it is $325 for one stripper. The non-refundable deposit of $125 ensures that you are having a real party and that the dancer is not driving an hour to waste her time. There have been many instances where parties will reserve a stripper and then not answer the phone or the door when she arrives. Our dancers follow all local, state, and federal rules and regulations and are only there to dance and to do nothing else.

Other Party Options Besides Strippers

There is so much to do in Miami besides partying with strippers but obviously, that is the most fun. If you and your friends are into art then there are always the Wynwood Walls. The displays are beautiful and the entrance is free. You can really get a sense of Miami culture from visiting. If you are looking for a little bit more culture and beauty then there is always the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. The entire place is beautiful and the views are gorgeous. Make sure you stop by the gift shop on your way out. If you and your friends are into animals then there is always the Dolphin Mall or Zoo Miami. With so much to do in Miami, your toughest decision is how you want to spend your time!

Miami, FL Stripper Services

Bachelor Parties

Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers is a great idea when it comes to bachelor parties. Our sexy exotic dancers are no strangers to bachelor parties. You and your bachelor party will have the time of your life. Whether you are celebrating with just a few friends or having a hundred people over, we can help. The best type of entertainment for any bachelor party in Miami is with a private stripper (or multiple strippers). Please feel free to browse through the Girls section to learn more about the type of girls we offer. Our Miami strippers come from all different backgrounds and cultures.

Our dancers are ready to give you and your friends a bachelor party you will never forget. Yes, Miami is a huge party city and you can probably find plenty of parties going on at any given evening. But a bachelor party in Miami is a special one and we want to make it so. Therefore, reserve your stripper today before it is too late. During the busy wedding season, our strippers get booked up pretty quickly. They can also dress up in the costume of your choice. Whether your bachelor likes firefighters, police officers, or naughty nurses, our strippers can accommodate. Contact us today to learn more.

Birthday Party

You cannot go wrong with celebrating a birthday with a stripper. There is no better way to tell the world that you’re getting one year older than by having a naked stripper dance for you. She can also jump out of a birthday cake or have herself wrapped up as a present to surprise the special man of the evening. Just remember to provide breathing holes. Our strippers also come with games and toys to keep everyone entertained. There are so many possibilities and so many options that your toughest choice is deciding which stripper is your favorite. Contact us today and we will guide you through the entire booking process.

If your birthday boy is into nurses, then we can certainly have a stripper dress up as a naughty nurse. Perhaps your bachelor is a policeman? Then we can certainly have a female stripper cop show up and “arrest” him. Or, if your bachelor is a firefighter, one of our sexy exotic dancers can show up and teach him the proper way to handle a “hose.” There are so many different things the strippers can do. We have had strippers take part in pretend kidnappings where the birthday boy is taken to a secret location and then surprised with a beautiful sexy exotic woman. We take birthday parties very seriously here at Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers and so should you!

Divorce Party

We know that divorces can be rough which is why we offer strippers to help make things easier. What better way to start your newly single life than to have a sexy naked lady sit on your lap and give you a lap dance of a lifetime? Perhaps you have already had strippers at your bachelor party. Then you probably have had a few strippers at a few birthday parties. now is the time to come full circle and end your marriage with a sexy stripper. She can revamp your entire look and also get you back into the dating game. Our strippers love helping men get better with women in social settings. It is just one of their many hidden talents!

So congratulations on closing a huge chapter in your life. Stop moping around and move on. If you are really down in the dumps, then reserve a stripper today to get you feeling better. Our strippers are better than therapists! They will sit there and listen to you talk about your life’s problems. Then they will take their clothes off and dance for you afterward. Where can you find that kind of therapy?

Guys’ Night Out (or In)

Having a boy’s night is always fun but having a boy’s night with sexy strippers is even better. We have some of the hottest strippers in Miami that can turn any boring evening into a wild one. If you have friends that are shy, then they better get ready to party. Our dancers love to make sure that everyone gets involved and that everyone is having a good time. You might as well change things up and book yourselves a stripper today. We can have one delivered to your door just like Uber Eats can deliver food to your door.

There’s no point in wasting your time in beautiful Miami, FL so you might as well reserve a stripper today. If you are in Miami on a short vacation, then don’t waste time trying to find random strippers online. You only need the best so contact us today to learn more. During the busy season, our strippers get booked pretty quickly. There are weddings, birthday parties and other events going on. We want everyone to be able to party with hot strippers so make sure you reserve yours early!

Any Other Occasion

There’s never a need for a good reason to party with hot Miami strippers. Whether you are celebrating an office promotion, college graduation, or just a Thursday afternoon, give us a call. We will hook you up with some of the hottest dancers that Miami has to offer. Life is short and you never know what might happen tomorrow. Therefore we always believe that it is important to live life to the fullest and to enjoy each and every day as though it were your last. You don’t have to spend a ton of money every day but just make sure you are having fun. A stripper from Devil’s Angels Miami Strippers is about as close to guaranteed fun as you will have.

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The Sexy Strippers

Below is just a sample of the sexy Miami strippers that we have to offer. Please be advised that the pictures shown below may not represent the actual stripper that arrives at your party. The reason being is that many dancers do not want their photos shown online for privacy reasons. As a result, we ask that you fill out the form on the checkout page and indicate the type of dancer you prefer (ethnicity, body-type, etc). Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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