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The Sexiest Jacksonville Strippers

Devil’s Angels Jacksonville Strippers

If you have never reserved a stripper before, you are probably searching for “strippers Jacksonville” or “Jacksonville stripper” in Google. All you need to know is that Devil’s Angels has the sexiest female exotic dancers in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our sexy exotic dancers are trained to provide you and your friends with the party of a lifetime. Whether you are celebrating a bachelor party, birthday party, or just a guys’ night out, give us a call today. We will help you reserve the perfect stripper for your event. All of our Jacksonville strippers are ready to rip their clothes off for you. So get your dollar bills ready and sit back and relax. Once you reserve a stripper with Devil’s Angels, you know you are in good hands. Our representatives take a hands-on approach to make sure each client is taken care of. We review your party details with you and then we send your information to the dancer. The sexy Jacksonville exotic dancer will then contact you on the day of your party to finalize all of the details.

If there are any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us at our Contact page. Interested in learning more about the different types of shows the girls put on? Visit our Services page to learn more. 

The Differentiating Factor

There are many stripper agencies in Jacksonville, FL. However, the one thing that separates Devil’s Angels Jacksonville Strippers from the rest is the quality of the dancers. Here at Devil’s Angels we strongly believe in open honesty and transparency. As a result, we only send real photos of the girls. While other companies may send fake photos and catfish you, our girls are real. What you see in the photos is what you get. We have dancers from all backgrounds and ethnicities. As a result, many of them do not want their photos online. Some of them are going to school and are paying their way through college. Other dancers have day jobs or modeling contracts and do not want to be exposed. We respect the privacy and secrecy of our dancers and only share photos when they give us permission to.

Along the lines of open honesty and integrity, we provide only the highest quality in female exotic entertainment. As a result, our prices may be higher than the competition but that is what the market dictates. The girls know their worth and set their own prices accordingly. While other companies may offer low prices, they may offer low-quality strippers as well. Remember that girls are making thousands of dollars on OnlyFans. Why would they leave the comfort of their own home to go to a stranger’s house to dance for a few hundred dollars? At Devil’s Angels Jacksonville Strippers, we vet not only the dancers but the clients as well. We value the safety of our dancers above all else and will only send dancers to parties that we believe are safe and real.

The Selection Process

Choosing a stripper is probably one of the easiest steps in the process. Simply click on Reserve Now at the top of the page. The cost of a stripper is $275. There is a $125 deposit online and the remaining $150 is paid to the dancer in cash. Once you select “Add to Cart” you will then proceed to the checkout form where there will be a section called Preferences. It is in this section that you can put down the type of stripper you would prefer. Does your party prefer blondes? Well, we can send blondes. If your party prefers brunettes you can put that down as well. You can also put down the type of costume and music you would prefer. Our dancers work with the clients to make sure that their party runs successfully. Contact us today if there are any questions or concerns.

Booking a Stripper

Once the stripper has been booked online, all you have to do is wait. The booking agent will relay your party information to the dancer. At that point, the dancer will contact you to confirm all the details and any last-minute changes. Strippers hate surprises so please do not try to change anything last-minute. Also, the strippers need to make sure that the people at the party will be awake when the strippers arrive. Many times guys will book late last minute, end up getting drunk, and then not answering their phone or the door when the dancer arrives. Please be cognizant of when the stripper will be arriving.

For special requests related to costumes or music, you can fill out the preferences section in the checkout form. Another way to ask for special requests is to communicate with the stripper when she contacts you. For safety reasons, we do not give out the contact information of the dancers. Too many men keep asking for the stripper’s phone number. We leave it up to the dancers on how they want to handle their communications. Also, last-minute requests may not have their preferences fulfilled simply due to the timing. If you want a stripper at your door within the hour then she may not have time to run home and change into the costume of your choice.

Why Choose Devil’s Angels Jacksonville Strippers?

Devil’s Angels should be your only choice when booking strippers in Jacksonville. There are plenty of options but we highly recommend that you call around and go with your gut feeling. Speak with all of the different booking agencies and you will find that each one handles things differently. Some will take the time and effort to walk you through the process while others will simply rush you off the phone. A good, friendly booking agent is the key to making sure your party is a success. The booking agent acts as a liaison between the exotic dancer and the client. He or she can provide suggestions and tips as well as coordinating last-minute details with the dancers. At Devil’s Angels, we go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. Contact us today to learn more.

The Competition

We rarely work with other stripper agencies and as a result, we cannot speak too much about them. However, we have had clients compliment us on our customer service and quality of dancers. Many of our customers have told us that the girls they received from other agencies did not match their photos. We explain to them that the hottest girls are making thousands of dollars online. As a result, they do not need to leave their houses to do private parties for a few hundred dollars. We only offer the truth to our clients and we provide them with all of the necessary details about the industry. By providing facts and details, we are able to build and establish a strong relationship with our clients.

Cost of a Jacksonville Stripper

It cost $275 for one stripper for one hour assuming your party is in the Jacksonville, FL metropolitan area. If your party is 10-25 miles outside of the area then there is an additional $25 travel fee. If it is greater than 25 miles then there is an additional $50 travel fee. There is a $125 deposit online and the remainder is paid to the dancer in cash due upon arrival. If you are not sure of the cost, please contact us and we will help you calculate it. The strippers typically stay for about an hour and will provide lap dances and strip teases. The dancing is for entertainment purposes and nothing else. We do not do anything R-rated.

Jacksonville, FL Stripper Services

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are the perfect place for some sexy strippers so contact Devil’s Angels today to reserve one before it’s too late. During the busy wedding season, many of our strippers are fully booked all night long. As a result, we get many last-minute parties from people looking for strippers. We will always try to accommodate but at the end of the day, we are not magicians. We highly recommend that you reserve your stripper for your bachelor party as early as possible. Early reservations ensure that the stripper you desire will be available on the date of your choice. Otherwise, we end up with many people trying to book last-minute on a Friday or Saturday night.

Our Jacksonville strippers excel at performing at bachelor parties. They always look to give everyone a great time. No matter how many guests are at the party, our sexy strippers will be there to entertain. If you reserved more than one stripper then you have the opportunity to get the girl-on-girl fantasy show. The girls will do naughty things to each other. They will break out the toys and play games with the bachelor. Ultimately they will give the bachelor boy the night of a lifetime! We know that getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event so we want to make it as memorable as possible! 

Birthday Party

Our Jacksonville strippers love birthday parties will do whatever it takes to surprise the lucky birthday boy. There is nothing like celebrating a birthday than eating a birthday cake off of a sexy stripper’s body. Our dancers can even jump out of the birthday cake (if it is large enough) to surprise the birthday boy. They can dress up as police officers and pretend to bust the birthday party and then turn into naughty police officers. The possibilities are endless. Birthday parties get more and more creative everywhere and we keep getting wild requests. Our exotic dancers love it because it keeps them on their toes!

If your birthday boy is into nurses then we can certainly have a stripper dress up as a sexy nurse and surprise him. Perhaps your friend is a man in uniform. We can definitely get a stripper to dress up in the uniform of your choice and give him a birthday party he will not forget. All you have to do is put down in the preferences section of the checkout form what you want the strippers to do. As long as it is legal and not ridiculous, they will work with you to accommodate your request. Our dancers know that every party is different and is special to each individual. As a result, they do their best to customize their performances and strip shows.

Divorce Party

Divorces can be messy and emotionally draining so take your mind off things with a sexy stripper from Devil’s Angels. With so many girls to choose from, your toughest decision is deciding which one is your favorite. Our dancers can even help you get back into the dating pool by providing you with tips and advice. They will certainly help you get your mind off your ex-wife as they give you the lap dance of a lifetime. There’s no need to stress or worry anymore as you move into the next chapter of your life. You were probably better off without her anyway. Now is the time to party with some sexy strippers because you are certainly not getting any younger.

Devil’s Angels Jacksonville Strippers will help you move onto the next chapter of your life correctly. They will make sure you are happy and no longer thinking of your ex-wife. In fact, our strippers can probably do things that your ex-wife couldn’t. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the strip show. Contact us today to learn more about reserving a sexy stripper before it is too late.

Guys’ Night Out (or In)

If you are tired of the same nightlife scene in Jacksonville, then don’t worry. Our strippers can help spice things up for your next Guys Night. Whether you are having a low-key poker game or drinking yourself into oblivion, our strippers can help spice up any party. We have had people request strippers as topless waitresses. Some of them can even work as topless card dealers. Contact us today and we can help work out the events of your next party.

If you do not want to venture out into the cold Jacksonville night to party, just contact us and we can send a stripper to your door. There’s no need to make things complicated. Just sit back, relax and the stripper will show up. During the busy season though, we do need people to reserve early because last-minute requests get to be too difficult. Our strippers travel far and wide for parties in the Jacksonville area so they are definitely ready for your next event.

Any Other Occasion

At Devil’s Angels, we believe that there is never a need for a good reason to celebrate with a stripper. Exotic dancers can turn around any party so whether you are celebrating a promotion, graduation, or just a Monday night, give us a call today. We can certainly set you up with the best dancer for your event. If you are feeling bored and lonely then we can certainly have a stripper come by and spend some time with you. They will definitely help you take your mind off things as they give you the strip tease of a lifetime. With so many things going on in the world today, it is important to relax and focus on some of the finer things in life such as sexy exotic dancers.

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The Sexy Strippers

Below is just a sample of the sexy Jacksonville strippers that we have to offer. Please be advised that the pictures shown below may not represent the actual stripper that arrives at your party. The reason being is that many dancers do not want their photos shown online for privacy reasons. As a result, we ask that you fill out the form on the checkout page and indicate the type of dancer you prefer (ethnicity, body-type, etc). Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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