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The Sexiest Atlantic City Strippers

Devil’s Angels – only the Hottest Exotic Dancers in Atlantic City, NJ

If you’re searching online for “strippers Atlantic City” or “Atlantic City strippers” you will probably find tons of results. However there is only one stripper agency in Atlantic City that strives above the rest and that is Devil’s Angels. Devil’s Angels has been serving Atlantic City, NJ for as long as one can remember. We provide our customers with the highest quality in female exotic dancer entertainment. The experience from our past customers trump the rest of the competition. Whether you are celebrating a divorce party or a bachelorette party, contact Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers today to learn more. Life is too short to not celebrate with the sexiest female strippers so why not give us a call? Our representatives are here to walk you every step of the way through the booking process. Our sexy strippers are standing by and ready to rip their clothes off for you.

The Difference Between Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers and the Rest

We understand that there are many stripper agencies in Atlantic City. However the one differentiating factor between Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers and the rest is the quality of dancers. Many times other companies will catfish the customer into sending a stripper they were not expecting. Perhaps the photos were photo-shopped or there was some sort of miscommunication. Regardless, our dancers are available seven days a week. Some of our dancers have even taken professional dance classes. Meanwhile, others are working their way to pay for college.

We believe in honesty and integrity and we only provided the highest quality strippers to our clients. As a result, our prices may be a bit higher but that is what the market demands. We adjust our prices based on market forces. If demand exceeds supply, then the price goes up. However, we are upfront and clear with the price before any booking occurs. If there is any confusion at anytime, we clearly communicate with the customer on what the price is. In case there are any questions, contact us today and we will help guide you through the process.

How to Choose a Stripper

Choosing a stripper is as simple as choosing a meal through a drive-thru. Simply click on Reserve Now and just fill out the form. There is a $125 deposit online and $150 cash due upon arrival. These prices assume that your party is in the Atlantic City, NJ area. If you are outside of the area, then there may be additional costs due to travel, gas and tolls. Contact us if you are not sure how your distance will affect your price. In addition, there are photos of the girls online. During the checkout process, you need to fill out the form and all required information. Under the preferences section, you can put down the type of stripper you prefer. 

The Stripper Booking Process

After selecting your stripper online, all you have to do is sit back and wait. The booking agent will receive your information and forward your information to the dancer. The Atlantic City stripper will then contact you and confirm the date and time of your party. They do not want any surprises. The strippers do not want to drive to a party only to find out the guys are too drunk to answer the door. This has happened before in the past. As a result, the strippers will always contact the party to double check to make sure they are awake to answer the door for the dancer. 

If there are special requests, such as costumes or music, you can put that down under the preferences section as well during the checkout process. The alternative option is to communicate with the stripper the specific type of music or costume your party prefers. She will contact you on the day of your party so all you have to do is let her know. Last minute parties will probably not have the option to specify music and costume. We get many last minute requests for strippers and as a result, we can only provide who is available. Please understand that strippers work on a tight schedule, especially during Friday and Saturday nights.

Why Pick Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers?

There are plenty of other stripper agencies to choose from in Atlantic City but Devil’s Angels should be your only choice. The more options there are only leads to more confusion. When choosing a stripper agency, go with your gut feeling. Contact the customer service department and speak with one of the booking agents. Explain to them the type of party you are having and the type of guests you will have. Are your guests shy and conservative? A good booking agent will be able to match the perfect stripper for your party. Are your guests more wild and outgoing? It may require a different stripper. Regardless, speaking with a booking agent first is always the smartest way to go. At Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers, our agents are available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today or send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Other Stripper Agencies

We do not work closely with other stripper agencies and as a result we cannot speak about them. However we do believe in honesty and transparency. If you contact a different booking agency, make sure you get a sense of honesty and transparency as well. Many of our customers return to us because they are happy with the services we provide. We also offer an open line of communication between the costumer and booking agent. In the event that we do not have the type of dancer you are looking for, contact us and we will help you find an alternative. We continue to strive to be the best stripper agency in Atlantic City and we rely on honest and transparency to get us there.

What is the Cost of a Stripper?

Strippers start at $275 for one hour. There is a $125 deposit online and $150 cash due upon arrival to the dancer. Traveling will increase costs in $25 increments. If your party is greater than 10 miles from the Atlantic City, NJ region then it is $300 for one stripper. Parties greater than 25 mile will cost $325 per stripper. There is always a non-refundable $125 deposit online per stripper. If you are not sure, please contact us and we will give you a quote. Performances last for one hour and include lap-dances and strip tease. There is only dancing and nothing else. We only provide dancers for entertainment purposes only.

Other Options Besides Strippers

Atlantic City offers so much besides strippers. If your party is not into strippers then feel free to party at the casinos or at the boardwalk. There are tons of attractions including the Borgata Casino, Atlantic City Boardwalk or Caesars Casino. If you are not into gambling then you can always hang out at the beach with the boys. Otherwise you can spend some time shopping at Tanger Atlantic City Outlets or visit the Absecon Lighthouse. However, strippers are the secret to a long and happy marriage. Therefore if you are celebrating a bachelor party, we highly recommend you reserve two sexy exotic dancers. If you are into more PG-13 fun, then try going to the Steel Pier Amusement Park. With endless casinos, restaurants and beaches, Atlantic City definitely has a lot to offer besides exotic dancers. There are many nightclubs and bars to visit and the city is just one big party city.

Atlantic City, NJ Stripper Services

Bachelor Parties

Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers are the perfect addition to any bachelor party. We have the hottest female exotic dancers in the market. Your bachelor and his friends will be entertained all night. Whether you are celebrating with just a few friends or having a party with 100 people, we can accommodate. The best form of entertainment for an Atlantic City bachelor party is a private stripper. Feel free to browse through our list of girls to decide on the type of stripper you want. Our female exotic dancers come from all different races and backgrounds. Some are tall while others are petite. 

Our strippers are ready to give you and your friends the time of your lives. Atlantic City is one big party city so celebrate your bachelor party correctly with some sexy female strippers. If you hire two strippers you can get a girl-on-girl show. The dancers are well-trained and can help surprise the lucky bachelor boys. We’ve had dancers take part in pretend kidnappings where the guys will pretend to kidnap the bachelor and surprise him with a sexy dancer. The options are limitless and are only bounded by your imagination. Give us a call today so you can send your bachelor off to the married life the right way.

Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate with a sexy stripper. The dancers at Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers can jump out of a birthday cake to surprise the lucky boy. They can also play different games with the group to keep everyone entertained. There is nothing like celebrating another year with a sexy naked lady. Your most difficult job is to decide which one of the sexy dancers you want to book first. With so many options, it can definitely make a person’s head spin! Give us a call today and one of our booking agents will help you through every step of the process.

Is your birthday boy into nurses? We can definitely have a stripper dress up as a nurse and surprise him. Does your birthday boy have a thing for ladies in uniform? We can definitely send a stripper cop or a sexy firefighter to put your birthday boy in place. During the checkout process, all you have to do is put down the type of costume you prefer. Our dancers will then work with you to make sure the birthday boy has the time of his life. If you celebrate a birthday party with Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers, it is definitely one to remember!

Divorce Party

Divorce is never fun but is necessary when the time is right. We know that divorces can be stressful so why not relax with a sexy exotic dancer on your lap? You’ve already been through the bachelor party and perhaps a few birthday parties with strippers. So why not celebrate your divorce with a sexy stripper? A hot female exotic dancer will help you get your mind off things and will even help you get back into the dating pool. She can give you tips and even help you revamp your image. Our strippers love working with their customers and helping them become better versions of themselves. 

You have just closed a huge chapter in your life and now is the time to move on. At Devil’s Angels, the dancers will help you the right way by taking their clothes off and giving you the lap dance of a lifetime. Our strippers can do things that your ex-wife couldn’t. Contact us today to learn more and to reserve a stripper before it is too late. Relax and get your mind off things and let the sexy ladies of Devil’s Angels take care of the rest.

Guys’ Night Out (or In)

If it’s a boys night and you are in Atlantic City and trying to find entertainment, contact Devil’s Angels and we will set you up. We have some of the sexiest strippers that can spice up any evening. Whether you and your friends are shy and conservative or wild and outgoing, our dancers will be there to entertain. Perhaps the same clubs get boring over and over again. Change things up by reserving a sexy Atlantic City stripper. We can have one delivered to you just as easy as ordering a pizza.

You don’t want to waste your time in Atlantic City, NJ so reserve your sexy exotic dancer today and she can be at your hotel room ready to party. Remember that all of our dancers are only there for dancing purposes only. They will not do anything else except dance. Therefore, contact us before all of the sexy strippers are booked. During the busy season our strippers are booked non-stop and we want everyone to have fun. Therefore it is always best to reserve as early as possible. However we do handle last minute bookings. Just give us a call and we will help you!

Any Other Occasion

You do not need a good reason to celebrate with a stripper but if you are celebrating a graduation, promotion or just happy about life, then contact us. We will set you up with a very sexy exotic dancer in the Atlantic City region and she will perform for you. The strip tease and lap dance will definitely be one you will never forget. Life is short. As a result, we believe that any day is a good enough day to party with a stripper. Exotic dancers have helped men throughout the ages. Some are there simply to listen and to give you advice. Others are there to dance for you and help you get your mind off things. Regardless of why you want a stripper, just know that the where is taken care of. Devil’s Angels Atlantic City Strippers if your number one source for the sexiest strippers in Atlantic City.

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The Sexy Strippers

Below is just a sample of the sexy Atlantic City strippers that we have to offer. Please be advised that the pictures shown below may not represent the actual stripper that arrives at your party. The reason being is that many dancers do not want their photos shown online for privacy reasons. As a result, we ask that you fill out the form on the checkout page and indicate the type of dancer you prefer (ethnicity, body-type, etc). Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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